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Jackie’s Fate

Jackie’s fate
Birds are singing their lovely melodies
The sun has one more hour before it can rise
The grass is still wet with dew
Those who are awake are just but a few
Jackie is one them

The path is narrow and meandering
Some parts are so curved they can form a ring
Two souls are trotting and pacing down hill
They’re covered in woollen coats-Today’s chilly
Jackie’s one of the souls

Voices can now be heard from far
Mowing, bleating, braying,quacking,chuckling
Buyers and sellers are deep into business
The highest bidder gets the better one
Jackie’s vowed to be best

Everyone is keen to strike a deal
Losses are being avoided with zeal
To be best? Profits ought to be the ordeal
But the rich seem to dominate the bids
For once Jackie’s got a bid in his favour

The sun is hot and overhead
Jackie’s trotting up hill; he’s not alone
As he yawns,she mows
Only a chosen few manage a smile at this time
Today Jackie’s smile is the broadest

The sun is now buried in the hills
Jackie’s head is buried between his knees
His been wailing and moaning for hours now
Melissa lies beside despaired Jackie
Melissa’s dead;Jackie’s lost all of a years saving

A New Dawn

A New Dawn

When you give it a try but fail
When all you can do now is cry
When its all dry and you’re frail
When you can’t sail and it’s all still
When despair is the only thing you feel
When all seems lost and spilt
When pain fills every part of your spirit
When all you consider legal is termed illicit
When your plans appear to be terminal
When the term that’s overidden you is fear
Don’t quit or dare to;
For soon comes a new dawn

I need a break

I need a break
There’s too much noise
My phone rings,the sixth time
A cold makes rough my voice
What of my invoice? Unpaid, not a dime

Leaving the noisy room ain’t an option
For my seat I’ll find occupied
But I need to take action
Or else I’ll miss a years fortune side

Crash! Goes my phone
It abruptly began,a riot
Thousands yet I feel alone
For around me sprouts a fight out

All is lost
My suit is in total wreck
This is the painful cost
Of dreading a break
But now,I just need a break

Am overwhelmed

Am Overwhelmed

Am late
It’s past eight
My alarm failed
Henry’s jailed
My email’s unread
My bill’s unpaid
Am overwhelmed

My phone falls
Down the sink it rolls
I pick it and scroll
Jay’s nine missed calls
I hear my wife yell
It’s gonna be hell
Am overwhelmed

I forgo morning coffee
Can’t take it while Henry’s unfree
For that my wife calls me pee
And she hauls from me my car’s key
Not to mention my delicate casket
Today I leave without a kiss
Am overwhelmed

This day
Gonna be a red letter day
My mood sways
My head aches
Too overwhelmed to say
This the norm everyday
Am overwhelmed

Where was I

Where was I

Where was I
When the rocket came and took you away
To the heavens and deep in the sky
To a place I couldn’t find you whichever way
I can’t find you

Where was I
When the wind carried you far away
For I look back and see two pairs of footsteps
But from now on I only see a single pair
I miss you

Where was I
When you ran away during the night
For I woke in bed and didn’t see you
I searched for you all over but all in vain
I can’t live without you

Where was I
Was I in a trance
Was I lost in my own thoughts
Was I in deep slumber
I vow to search till I can find you

A-Z friendship

A-Z Friendship
A friend when in need
Becomes your friend in deed
Care and love are like a seed
Desired by all like a creed
Everyone who lives must feed
Feed from a friend with no heed

Gentleness and generosity define a friend
Hatred subjects friendship to an end
If you want intimacy to defend
Just sort ways of how to mend
Know that in mending you don’t pretend
Love stands out as the only blend

Making friends requires choice
Never choose as if you are unwise
Otherwise you may never rejoice
Portending a friendship as uncertain as a dice
Quality things have a price
Reckless choosing comes with prejudice

Shun away enmity
Try to uphold hospitality
Unite with your friend in perfect unity
Violate not your bonded identity
Walk together up to eternity
Xpressing sincerity and true confidentiality
Yield no fruits of brutality
Zealously endow your friendship with chastity


Prison Life poem

Prison Life
He stares aimlessly at the sky
Fresh memories make him cry
Loneliness sucks,he just wanna die
For to him life is so dry
Prison life day one

Termites occasionally bite his whipped body
As his heart longs to at least see somebody
A guard hits his skull and assumes its a tragedy
And that is the kind of body he’s to call a buddy
Prison life day one

At noon and in him grows hunger
But prison food only awakes his anger
He wishes to hunger than hunger and anger
An option only prisoners can live under
Prison life day one

Stars appear
Cold strikes like a spear
A guard with a whip appears in the rear
Time to disappear and wear the night tear
Prison life to live for thirty years

Am busy poem

My phone rings out aloud
I would have answered were I around
Failing to answer is not allowed
Am busy

I dash out of the washrooms
Washrooms filled with stinky stench
Stench from last nights drunkards
Am busy

For the seventh time my phone rings
In a rush I crisscross around as one with wings
I slide and with a thud I dismantle everything
Am busy

I storm abruptly into my office
Two faces meet,one is solid ice
My boss,myself,anger,paying the price
Am busy

No word,high temperatures,swallow me not
Two more faces show up,both red hot
Slap!And I see stars and my blood clots
Am busy

He just ran over my two year project
He stepped on my injured toe,am I an insect!
Blames,exclaims,accusations:non’s absent
Am busy

In despair I stagger away
Away from an office I’ll never step in
Stephen a friend comforts a sobbing fellow
Am jobless

Must read poem

Lol went my doll
At all it couldn’t hold
The old went LMAO
“Oh my!”All exclaimed amid chuckles
Twas the funniest piece ever

You boast of a boat
You brag over a coat
Your meals got a goat
But it’s time you gotta go

The whale craves for a soul
The municipal counts it as a foul
The butcher found her dead in a hole
Am damned if you end up as whole

The whale for the soul in a boat
Municipal aborts coating on illegal walls
Butcher just mistook a human thigh for a goats’
Who to blame for your boast boss?

My doll goes lol
Can’t hold it at all
LMAO goes the old
Hold your chuckle and exclaim “Oh my!”
For in the piece you found fun in

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